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Our Signature Initiatives

HCR Cares identifies barriers to independent living and responds with programs to address them.  HCR Cares has several signature initiatives, all with the goal of fostering independence and successful aging in place.

Education in Rochester, NY

The desire for independence never grows old.

Nursing Grants in Rochester, NY

Nursing Grants

Creating career pathways to Nursing when the country needs them the most.

The United States is in the midst of a critical nursing shortage that is expected to continue through 2030. To address our country’s nursing shortage, HCR Cares is proving unrestricted grants to employees of HCR who want to further their careers by becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN), or students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Falls Prevention in Rochester, NY

Falls Prevention

Providing evidence-based solutions to fall prevention at home.

The cost of treating falls is projected to increase to over $101 billion by 2030. The financial toll for older adult falls increases as the population ages and reached around $67.7 billion by 2020. Research by HCR Cares developed and tested a Falls Prevention Program that establishes a culture of safety and provides group exercise to reduce falls and fall-related injuries.

LGBTQ+ Program in Rochester, NY

LGBTQIA+ Program

Creating a welcoming home health care environment for LGBTQIA+ adults.

LGBTQIA+ older adults are more likely to delay or not seek medical care, often due to fear of real or perceived discrimination from healthcare providers. To improve the way healthcare is administered to and perceived by clients of the LGBTQIA+ community, HCR Cares partnered with HCR Home Care to develop and implement a program that better serves the home healthcare needs of the LGBTQIA+ population in our community.

Transcultural Care in Rochester, NY

Transcultural Care

Ensuring positive outcomes through culturally competent home health care.

The ever-increasing multicultural population in the United States poses a significant challenge for home health care providers and their patients, requiring caregivers to recognize and appreciate cultural differences in healthcare values, beliefs, and customs. With a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, HCR Cares addressed health disparities in Hispanics, identifying culturally competent practices that promote improved health management.

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Diverse Care Project

Local Professionals Providing Trusted Care to Our Communities

The Diverse Care Project (DCP) is a grant funded initiative of HCR Cares, a nonprofit organization with the mission to address barriers to independent living through research, education and programs. To carry out this work, HCR Cares is partnering with Strategic Community Intervention, HCR Home Care and Rochester-area Black religious leaders, who, through their churches, can educate senior congregates to overcome barriers to using home health care services when needed to improve health outcomes. Interested in learning more? Call today at 585-785-6040.



Respite Care Project

  • Funded by HCR Cares and the Gannett Foundation.

  • Developed a demonstration respite care program to identify what was needed to prevent burnout. 


Guaranteed Educational Mobility (GEM)

  • Funded by HCR Cares, United Way, Monroe County, MCC Foundation and the NYS Regents College.

  • Developed competency-based curriculum and testing program to enable home health aides and nursing assistants to advance to the level of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).


Safe Discharge

  • Funded by HCR Cares. 

  • Designed to pilot study to examine barriers to safe discharge from institutional care. 


Good Food!

  • Funded by HCR Cares and the League of Women Voters.

  • Held nutrition and cooking sessions for women overcoming barriers to self-sufficiency.


Project S.H.A.R.E.D.

  • A $1.7 million dollar grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded a collaboration between HCR Cares, HCR Home Care, the Health Association and Catholic Family Center.

  • Together they developed a community-based project to enable chronically ill, low-income people in two inner-city neighborhoods to better manage their health and engage in behavior change related to health. 

Interested in supporting our initiatives?

Call us today at 800-270-4904!

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