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Donate to HCR Cares

Your gift to HCR Cares will help fund nursing career ladder grants, and health education programs like Falls Prevention and LGBTQIA+ culturally competent home care. Whether to honor a loved one or a member of their care team, or simply because you believe in our work, your tax-deductible contribution to HCR Cares ensures that in-home health care will continually be improved upon for the next time you need it.

Nursing Grants in Rochester, NY

How to Donate

Mail your donation or contribute using the PayPal link below. Please make all checks payable to HCR Cares and send to PO Box 23143 Rochester, NY 14692.


“I was in my second year of my Bachelor’s program and drowning in debt. The grant made it possible for me to focus on my school work, not my bills. If it were not for the help from this program, I do not believe I would have graduated. I am very appreciative of the grant I received, it enabled me to accomplish my goals.”

—Rosamond, RN

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